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A selfie from my trip to PetraHi, I'm Jeremy McReynolds and you're viewing this blurb on which is my personal blog and homepage that I've been messing around with in some form or another since 2008. Most of the posts and info I release here are based around various types of technology that I've come in contact with and would like to reinforce in my brain and potentially help others out with solving their issues too.

To give you a little background on myself, I'm a husband, soon-to-be father, cat butler, scouter, veteran, bike rider, hiker, Star Wars fan(atic), home chef, and a genuinely curious mind.

On the professional side of my life, I've been in IT for over a decade and have had roles ranging from Linux System Engineer to being an Information Systems Security Manager. My resume includes an alphabet soup worth of certifications with CISSP as my current highlight. I recommend that everyone find their niche and mine currently is based around the categories of Linux and cyber assessment and authorization (A&A).


If you would like to reach me directly for questions, comments about this site, professional engagements, or anything that isn't an ad or spam, please reach me through one of these methods:

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